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Security Services

BlackHawk Security Services Inc. of Louisiana offers a full range of differing security options which can be applied to a myriad of security needs. Although we’re based in New Orleans, we offer security guard services & contracts statewide.

Security options we offer to our clients are designed to extract the most value for the buck, and can also be customized to meet the constantly changing security needs of our clients.


Personal protection and/or perimeter security services can be ordered on an “as needed” basis in an à la carte format if needed. With BlackHawk Security Services Inc. you’ll have the power to choose the architecture of your security services agreement down to the “T”.

Available Security Services

A quick look at currently available services.

  • 24 Hour 7 Day per Week Dispatch & Supervision
  • Security Services for Loss Prevention & Theft Intervention
  • Personal Protection & Bodyguard Services
  • Emergency Security Relief and/or Security Patrols
  • Digital Video Monitoring
  • Armed Visible Presence
  • VIP and Dignitary Protection
  • Crowd Control
  • Security Consulting
  • Investigation and Risk Assessment

SPECIAL NOTE: When we agree to a contract to provide security services, of any form, our team, or one of our experienced professionals, will conduct a risk & needs assessment, as well as work with the client on any needed specific training or required transitional plans.

Mobile, Stationary, and Foot Patrol

BlackHawk Security Services, Inc.’s highly trained armed and unarmed professional security officers undergo cutting edges training laden with the most up to date security methodology during training.

Customer Service is Prioritized

Although our commissioned and non-commissioned officers will be mainly focused on security, they are also trained to approach their responsibilities from a customer service standpoint in an attempt to take the “bite” out of the security experience. We’ve found that this affords our personnel a pretense for working well with our clients, our client’s clients, their employees, and the public.

Our New Orleans based security services firm is fully licensed and insured for the sake of security for us, and our clients. BlackHawk Security Services, Inc maintains auto insurance, comprehensive, and general liability coverage.