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Risk Assessment Consultation

BlackHawk Security Services Inc., understands that preventative measures, inline with traditional security practices, makes for a prudent security apparatus. If your personnel, property, or other assets are determined to be prone to a potential liability that can be prevented, we’ll take note of it and ensure that you’re alerted.

We specialize in helping our clients identity potential risks during our comprehensive risk assessment reviews, and we’ll provide you will full documentation of our findings, and corrective recommendations. Our risk assessment alone has helped clients of ours avoid costly unplanned expenses, dangerous oversights, preventable mishaps, which has resulted in a total reduction of potential for legal liabilities as well.

Investigatory Services

Some of the most important security related operations don’t require boots on the ground, and are mainly geared towards consulting and analysis. The professionally trained security experts and investigators of BlackHawk Security Services Inc., will work with your organization to bring it’s security protocol up to standard.

Our team is trained and has experience with implementing the latest methods and concepts in effective security measures and tactics. We’ll make sure that you’re fully briefed on our findings during your consultation.