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BlackHawk Security Services Inc., of New Orleans, LA

BlackHawk Security Services Inc. has fulfilled the security needs of numerous businesses and institutions since we began offering our professional security services to the public. If you have an inquiry related to security guard services in New Orleans and/or elsewhere Louisiana, call our office at 504-827-5408.

BlackHawk Security Services Inc. offers the full range of security related services which includes;

Providing Security: Our Philosophy

When a person or business owner/manager seeks out professional security services, it’s because an important need must be fulfilled. We understand the severity of the need which adds to the comfort of our longtime clients in New Orleans and in other areas of Louisiana.

Our stringent training and practice is anchored by a strong philosophy which guides us as professionals;

We remain focused on the details of safety and security as we serve with heart and commitment. If it is important to our clients, then it is critical to us.

James Black Jr.
Our Founder

In-House Security Guard Training

BlackHawk Security Services is distinguished as a security firm by ensuring the best training for our cadets via our in-house, yet independent, security guard training school, American Security Officer’s Academy. American Security Officer’s Academy offers training levels 1 thru 4, in addition to training in effective investigation.

Security professionals from BlackHawk Security Services Inc. always arrive on site ready to provide a high level of service for our clients in Louisiana. When we send security guards or other security professionals to serve your needs, and secure your valuable interests, you can expect them to have the expertise to be highly effective in their capacity.

BlackHawk Security Services is Registered & Fully Insured

BlackHawk Security Services Inc. is registered in Louisiana, and we’re also insured. We provide security guard services for commercial, residential, and industrial needs in New Orleans and statewide, and we’re also willing to agree to contracts for short or long term periods of service.